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The judge of the European Court of Human Rights answered when they will begin considering individual complaints against the Russian Federation

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Судья Европейского суда по правам человека ответил, когда приступят к рассмотрению индивидуальных жалоб против РФ

The ECtHR will soon consider individual complaints against Russia.

The European Court of Human Rights will begin hearings < strong>individual complaints against the Russian Federation after consideration of interstate claims Ukraine and Russia.

This was announced by ECHR judge from Ukraine Nikolai Gnatovsky in an interview with Ukrinform.

“During war, many human rights are at risk. Complaints were made about violations of the right to life, the prohibition of torture and other forms of ill-treatment and the lack of effective investigation of these violations. Complaints about violations of property rights, violations of the right to freedom and personal integrity. This is an approximate and inexhaustible list. The ECHR is not at all interested in prolonging these cases, and their turn will come after the resolution of the interstate claims of Ukraine and Russia,” he said.

According to Gnatovsky, the position of the ECHR was previously announced that systemic issues must first be resolved.

“That is, which state is responsible for what period and for what events. It is better to find out globally, through interstate affairs. And after that there will be a consideration of individual applications,” he added.

Gnatovsky also answered the question of when we can expect a decision in the case of Russian violations of human rights after the occupation of Crimea in 2014, which the ECHR began to consider only in December 2023 and decided on the admissibility of this case.< /p>

“I cannot give a specific date, but the President of the ECHR, Shifra O'Leary, at her annual press conference said that she hopes that the Court will make this decision soon and it will be made public,” – he said.

After this, the judge added, there will no longer be any obstacles in individual cases related to the occupation of Crimea. Now this case is not the only interstate lawsuit. Next in the queue of the ECHR is the case “Ukraine and the Netherlands v. the Russian Federation”.

“In this case, to the complaints that related to the events in the eastern regions of Ukraine in 2014-2015, a new complaint from Ukraine was added, which concerns the events after the large-scale Russian invasion. And thus, up to 10 years were saved with one procedural decision duration of consideration, taking into account the experience of previous interstate cases. Already at the stage of consideration of the merits of complaints about the events of 2014-2015, the Court will consider the admissibility of all complaints regarding events that occurred after February 24, 2022,” the judge said.

Recall that a Ukrainian, who was tortured by Russian occupiers, filed an unprecedented legal complaint against the Russian Federation in court in Argentina. This case may be the first time Russian war crimes in Ukraine are examined outside Europe and the United States using the principle of universal jurisdiction.

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