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Stuck in Beirut, the Russian sailors told about the consequences of the explosion

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Застрявшие в Бейруте российские моряки рассказали о последствиях взрыва

Russian sailors stuck in the port of Beirut, told the radio station “Moscow speaking” about what happened in the explosion.

“There was an explosion. The little boat got all twisted that way, mooring torn a little. The inside of the door flew. But in General, all is well, all is alive and well. We are here with ships all povygonyali, even with all the ships. All were asked to leave the Board, we are on the dock now waiting for” — said the captain of the ship “Captain nagdaliev”.

Tanker, commanded by the source station, the owner Palmali Shipping & Agency thrown together with the crew, as “Moscow speaking” reported the International transport workers ‘ Federation.

Earlier on August 5, it became known that the shipment of ammonium nitrate, allegedly became the reason of powerful explosion in Beirut, was confiscated from the ship Rhosus, which belonged to the native of Khabarovsk, Igor Grechushkina. Russians and Ukrainians who worked at Rhosus, had to stay in Lebanon for a year as the owner went bankrupt and abandoned ship.

A powerful explosion occurred in the port area on the evening of 4 August. The damage done to the many quarters of the city, including the blast were hurt, the Embassy of Russia. According to the latest data, injured more than 4 thousand people. Found the bodies of more than a hundred victims.

In law enforcement bodies of Lebanon said that the explosion happened at the time of welding. The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab said that the explosion occurred due to storage in a warehouse in the seaport capital of 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate for six years. When this volatile substance was there no preventive measures and threatened the security of citizens, said Diyab.

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