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Stealth-wingman su-57 “hit” on Syria

by alex

Стелс-ведомый Су-57 «ударил» по Сирии

UAV “Hunter”

Flying a drone of unknown origin on 2 August launched a series of strikes on Syrian militants, warehouses with fuel and oil transport tanks intended for dispatch to Turkey, writes the Bulgarian Military.

The drone was not detected any of the Turkish air defense systems, since it probably belonged to stealth drones. According to Bulgarian Military like aircraft in Syria may have only Russia. The publication notes that Moscow is in the middle Eastern country could experience the stealth UAV “Hunter” (considered to be the slave of the su-57).

“Of course, there is no direct evidence that an unidentified drone stealth is Russian, but the testing of a drone in combat is mandatory to pass state tests,” — writes the Bulgarian Military.

The publication notes that if this information is accurate, the Ministry of defense of Russia in the near future will report on the test-70 “Hunter” in Syria.

In August, the head of the United aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar said the Russian defense Ministry will start to receive serial heavy shock-reconnaissance and stealth drones “Hunter” in 2024.

In September 2019, the defense Ministry released a video of the joint flight of the su-57 and a “Hunter”. At the same time Vice Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the test “the Hunter” will be held the next two to three years, and after 2024 the drone “will go to series.”

On the first flight, “Hunter”, the Russian defense Ministry announced in August 2019.

In February 2019 the user WaelAlHussaini posted on Twitter a video with the first pair of su-57 in Syria.

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