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Son of Pablo Escobar, said the key to the lost treasure of the father

by alex

Сын Пабло Эскобара заявил о ключе к пропавшим сокровищам отца

Pablo Escobar

Informal narkobarona son of Colombian Pablo Escobar Roberto Escobar Cendoya, currently residing in Mallorca under the pseudonym Philip Whitcomb stated that he has the keys to the lost treasure of the father. He told about it before publication of his book “the Son of Escobar. Firstborn” in an interview with BBC News.

Whitcomb shared that knows the cipher, which hides the location of hidden wealth. “There is money. Not cash, but something valuable”, he said.

The man promised in case of detection of treasures large part to direct for charitable purposes, which “may directly oppose the fact that Pablo Escobar did to the population of the world.”

Whitcomb said that for a long time did not know who is his biological father. He surfaced childhood memories of a shootout that killed a woman in a red dress is his mother. Later the adoptive father of the boy said that these events really happened. Then the secret intelligence service of great Britain MI-6 carried out the mission to retrieve the stolen cash and stock Escobar was a shootout. After these events, the main agent of MI6, who led the operation, took pity on the child and adopted him. The Whitcomb this allowed them to regularly meet with Escobar. So says the son of a drug Baron in his book the British government tried to control money laundering and drug trafficking.

The certificate of birth of Roberto Escobar Cendoya does not mention the name of the father of the drug Lord, but this is stated in the document on baptism, reports the Daily Mail.

Pablo Escobar, who for 15 years headed the Medellín cartel, is considered one of the most notorious drug Lord in history. By the early 1990s, his fortune exceeded $ 30 billion, and the cartel was responsible for more than 80 percent of the cocaine supply in the United States. The criminal was killed in a joint operation by Colombian police and us intelligence in December 1993.

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