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Signs of the imminent “death” of the smartphone

by alex

Signs of the imminent

A swollen battery or strong heating of the phone may indicate an imminent failure of the device. This is reported by the newspaper “Evening Moscow” with reference to the operational director of Gamesup42 Olga Timofeeva.

The specialist called the main signs of the imminent “death” of the smartphone a swollen battery or strong heating of the device at rest. In this case, there is a risk of the battery igniting. Problems with the device may be hinted at by long loading of applications, unexpected reboots and disconnection of the smartphone. In this situation, Timofeeva advised to take the gadget to a service center for repair.

Also, the appearance of stripes on the screen may indicate future problems with the phone. Timofeeva also recommended contacting service centers with this problem, while noticing that sometimes the cost of a complete repair can be comparable to the cost of a new device. “However, it is easier and in some cases even cheaper to sell such a device for spare parts and buy a new one,” the expert emphasized.

The reduced battery life of the gadget can indicate a high degree of wear on both the smartphone and the battery of the device. Timofeeva believes that if the phone has to be charged more than once a day, then it makes sense to think about purchasing a new device.

Earlier, Russian experts named the reasons why a smartphone may heat up. This usually happens due to insufficient communication quality, with the active use of various functions of the device, software errors in applications and the operation of non-original or faulty chargers.

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