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Serbia is the Russian s-300 bought Chinese FK-3

by alex

Сербия вместо российских С-300 купила китайские FK-3

Serbia bought Chinese anti-aircraft missile system (ADMS) HQ-22 (FK-3 export version), writes a blog Balkanska mreža bezbednosna.

“The new system FK-3, which we will soon see in Serbia are indirectly the desire of a large part of our population to acquire the s-300”, — says the publication.

The blog notes that the penetration of the FK-3 on the Serbian market is particularly valuable for China, as previously, such SAM went into service only the Asian allies of Beijing.

In July, TASS reported, citing a military-diplomatic source, said that Serbia has sent Russia an official request for the supply of s-300PMU-2 in 2021.

According to open sources, FK-3 has the range to engage targets up to 100 kilometers and the height of the destruction of up to 27 kilometers. SAM missiles created on the basis of missiles s-300, which was made available to China in the 1990-ies.

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