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Scientists have proposed a new method for the treatment of coronavirus

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Ученые предложили новый способ лечения коронавируса

Several scientific teams from different countries offered to treat coronavirus pneumonia with radiation therapy (radiotherapy). About it write “news”.

In particular, scientists from the Department of medical physics Cancer center Jack ADI in Canada reported about the ability of low doses of x-rays to reduce mortality from pneumonia by an average of approximately 20 percent. The tests previously conducted on animals have shown that the acute phase of pneumonia can be reduced by half.

This method already tested in the USA in ten patients with coronavirus. Received an experimental treatment of the infected recovered in three days vs 12 days in the control group. Also decreased the time of hospital discharge to 12 days, in comparison group patients were discharged on the 20th day.

However, American experts pointed to serious side effects such treatment. According to the radiologists, radiation therapy in low doses can actually reduce inflammation but will also kill B – and T-cell immunity, which are necessary to fight infection.

Russian experts also believe that to treat this method it is possible only after long-term tests on animals. They recalled that when COVID-19 impaired regeneration in tissues of the lung, and radiation therapy may exacerbate this process.

Earlier, the international group of scientists under the leadership of the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology found a new way to treat various infections, including COVID-19 caused by a coronavirus. Experts have demonstrated that the Plasmodium parasites causing malaria are largely dependent on the activity of the enzymes protein kinases in red blood cells. Also they found that the drugs developed to combat cancer and inactivating these enzymes, very effective in destroying the parasites.

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