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Scholz's party headquarters attacked in Germany

by alex

В Германии обстреляли штаб-квартиру партии Шольца

In the German city of Dresden, the capital of the federal state of Saxony, unknown persons fired at the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), which includes Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The headquarters of the SPD in Saxony, located in the historical center of Dresden near the local parliament, became the target of unknown attackers. Police discovered bullet holes in the windows on the third floor of the building at the end of June, but information about the incident became known to the public only now.

BILD reports this.

“According to the results of the investigation, the damage could have been caused by a firearm. However, the bullets themselves have not yet been found,” police spokesman Karsten Eger told BILD.

According to law enforcement, the holes in the glass correspond to a caliber of about five millimeters. The German State Security Service took over the investigation of the incident.

“The very fact that a political motive for such a crime cannot yet be ruled out has prompted us to consider taking additional security measures. But one thing is clear: we will not be intimidated under any circumstances,” the leader of the SPD in Saxony told BILD Henning Homann.

At the beginning of May in Dresden, members of the right-wing extremist group Erblandrevolte attacked SPD politician Matthias Ecke – at that time he was putting up campaign posters dedicated to the elections to the European Parliament. Ecke was taken to hospital with a fractured eye socket and cheekbone. The police detained the attackers, now they are awaiting trial.

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