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Sberbank announced three hackathons using artificial intelligence

by alex

Sberbank announced three hackathons using artificial intelligence

German Gref

In Russia, from 14 to 27 September, a lesson “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” is held. This was reported in a press release received by the editorial board of “”.

It is noted that one of the lessons within the framework of the All-Russian educational project “The Lesson of the Number” took place on Tuesday, September 15, at Sberbank. It was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Chernyshenko, President of Sberbank PJSC Herman Gref, founder of 1C firm Boris Nuraliev, Deputy Vice President, Director of Artificial Intelligence Technologies at Mail.RuGroup Andrey Kalinin, Head of the Yandex Machine Intelligence Laboratory Alexander Krainov, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries Mikhail Pribochiy.

According to Gref, the main trend of the last year is that experts are starting to talk about artificial intelligence that can perform universal tasks and be more or less comparable to a person in terms of a set of skills. He noted that the company supports not only the formal tasks of employees, but also respects their hobbies, which then turn into business. As an example, Gref cited the medical direction of Sberbank, which was born out of the hobbies of several employees of the artificial intelligence laboratory.

During the lesson, the head of Sberbank also announced three hackathons dedicated to artificial intelligence to high school students. The first is aimed at recognizing the manuscripts of Peter I using artificial intelligence technologies. The next one is devoted to forecasting river floods so that environmental disasters can be prevented in advance. The third is suitable for the most advanced who are familiar with artificial neural networks. It will allow you to get acquainted with the promising technology ruGPT-3, which is capable of generating complex meaningful texts with only one request in the “human” language.

The first hackathon starts on September 25, the other two – on October 5. Adults and schoolchildren of any age and skill level are invited to participate. The main prize in each hackathon is one million rubles.

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