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Russia's lag behind Turkey in UAVs explained

by alex

Russia's lag behind Turkey in UAVs explained

The lag of Russia in the creation of attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from the United States is becoming shameful, writes “Military Industrial Courier”.

“What the USA is! Even the Turks are successfully using attack UAVs to hunt Russian-made air defense systems [anti-aircraft missile systems], ”the weekly newspaper writes.

The publication explains Russia's lag behind the United States and Turkey in the field of drone UAVs, in particular, by the absence of its own “advanced microelectronics”. “The solution to the problem lies in the general industrialization of the country. For its own top-class microelectronics to flourish in the Russian Federation, it needs an extensive consumer market, ”the newspaper says.

In June, Defense Express, citing its own sources, reported that in recent years, during the military conflicts in Syria and Libya, at least 23 Russian-made Pantsir-C1 air defense systems were destroyed.

At the same time, the Turkish agency Anadolu reported the destruction of nine Russian-made air defense systems in Libya.

In October 2018, Breaking Defense, citing American analyst Samuel Bendett of the Center for Naval Analyzes (CNA), wrote that Russian developments in military unmanned aerial vehicles are lagging behind similar foreign projects, in particular Chinese, Iranian and Turkish, as well as American ones.

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