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Russian “Petrel” scared Britain

by alex



The Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile Burevestnik has scared Britain. This was announced on Sunday, September 13, by The Sunday Telegraph, citing a statement by the head of British military intelligence, Lieutenant General Jim Hockenhall.

He said that the “Petrel” can be in the atmosphere for several years. The rocket has “virtually infinite waiting time in the air,” Hockenhall noted. In addition, it can deliver combat strikes from unexpected directions.

Hockenhall noted that a lot of funds from the country's budget are spent on the development and development of the Russian submarine fleet. In particular, on “an autonomous underwater vehicle capable of delivering nuclear warheads to targets on the shore or even to an aircraft carrier group at sea.” In his opinion, such a technique could damage underwater energy saving cables and the Internet.

The British military intelligence said that Russia has become the largest “geopolitical threat” to the security of all of Europe, since it began to develop not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. “They studied the West closely to figure out where it would be best to direct investments in order to cause us as many problems as possible,” he explained.

In July, the US President's special envoy for arms control Marshall Billingsley called the Petrel “flying Chernobyl” or a “Doomsday” missile because of the radioactive emissions it can create during flight.

At the same time, Billingsley had previously called the Poseidon multipurpose oceanic system and the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile “terrible”. The politician also said that these developments should be included in the new strategic arms limitation treaty between Russia and the United States.

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