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Russian MiG-29 “destroyed” the American MIM-23

by alex

Российский МиГ-29 «уничтожил» американский MIM-23

The MiG-29. Archive photo

The MiG-29 fighters of Russian production in late July destroyed the Americans developed anti-aircraft missile systems of medium range MIM-23 Hawk built under the city of Sirte in Libya, says Defence24.

The publication notes that the operators of the complex was made by the Turkish military and its liquidation helped to prevent the attack on the city forces of the national consensus Government of Libya supported Turkey.

According to Defence24, MIM-23 Hawk could not detect the MiG-29, since the second is likely used against the first system of electronic warfare. The publication admits that the planes were piloted by Russian pilots.

“Thus, it may be further proof that the MiG-29 still have a very high combat potential, if they are equipped with modern precision weapons and piloted by well trained pilots,” — concludes the publication.

In February in the journal the National Interest, stated that the MiG-29 was the first Soviet light fighter of the fourth generation, but his many failures in a variety of conflicts have shaped the plane “a terrible reputation”.

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