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Revealed the secrets of the acceleration of the smartphone

by alex

Раскрыты секреты ускорения смартфона

With regular cleaning cache and disable automatic updates it is possible to speed up the smartphone. About the Agency “Prime”, said Director of the Institute of information technologies of the University “synergy” Stanislav Kosarev.

The specialist noted that often the performance of the phone slows down a cache that stores application data. To unload the memory and processor of the device, it is recommended to regularly clean the system garbage manually, or download a special program. Poor quality or old memory cards can also greatly affect the phone’s performance.

One of the disclosed Stanislav Kosarev secrets for the acceleration of the device was a recommendation to disable auto-update apps, as a function of startup consumes a noticeable amount of resources. Kosarev also advised not to install updates for some programs: “If the app works without crashing, and you see minor changes, don’t download it”.

According to the expert, to optimize your smartphone, you can disable the permanent access to geolocation in applications and automatic connection to Wi-Fi. Otherwise the phone will constantly check the user’s location, search for available Internet point and thereby use the resources of the machine.

In conclusion, Kosarev recommended to use the most power saver mode. He is motivated by the fact that in this mode reduces the device brightness, as well as reduced consumption charging applications.

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