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Revealed the magnitude of the decline of the Russian Navy

by alex

Раскрыты масштабы упадка ВМФ России

The planned construction time for serial ships and submarines, laid down on 20 July in Russia, consists of seven or eight years and most likely will not be sustained, while the Soviet ships of the same class were built in three to four times faster, writes in the “Military-industrial courier” Vice-President of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences on information policy, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

Specialist, speaking on the past July 26, in St. Petersburg, the parade, said the magnitude of the decline of the Russian Navy (VMF) in comparison with the Soviet.

“When on parade the largest ships are frigates and large anti-submarine ships, in the best case, the missile cruiser (all — Soviet buildings), I remember how on the roads in the front ranks of the Soviet Navy had four aircraft carriers and three nuclear missile cruiser” — the author writes.

Sivkov notes that the numerical composition of the Soviet Navy “was allowed to expand in the World ocean as many warships, how many do not have modern fleet,” but admits that “the Day of the Navy celebrated on the first level” and “our fleet really is reborn.”

“For the first time after disintegration of the USSR the country and its top management devotes so much attention to our Navy,” writes the author.

In the same month, Sivkov said the couple laid in July, amphibious assault ship (UDC) of the project 23900 (“Surf”) at a cost of 100 billion rubles more in line with the goals of the Russian Navy than the French Mistral, however, did not need him. In his opinion, UDC “will be expensive but useless toys” and “far better would be to turn them into light aircraft carriers”.

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