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Putin biographer has predicted the West’s reaction to the victory of Lukashenko

by alex

Биограф Путина предсказал реакцию Запада на победу Лукашенко

After the victory of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election, Western countries will support the Belarusian opposition. The reaction of the European Union has predicted a German political scientist, author of several biographical books about the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Alexander Rahr, reports “Interfax”.

“A lot depends on whether to expand the demonstration in Minsk. Of course, the West will react on the side of the opposition against Lukashenko,” — said Rahr.

According to him, Lukashenko anticipates this development, so now “runs to Russia, hastening to agree with Putin.” As noted by the analyst, the EU has the political circles who are interested in deterioration of relations between Moscow and Minsk, but a particular influence on the situation in Belarus, they have not. “Belarus wants to bring to the European Union, although no money for that. The example of Ukraine and Moldova shows that for these countries has no prospects of joining the EU,” — said Rahr.

At the same time, added the analyst, the very figure of Lukashenka in the West continues to criticize, in this connection, the Belarusian leader will remain “banned in the EU”.

Elections in Belarus were held on August 9. The evening of the same day throughout the country began to protest. In the center of Minsk, clashes broke out between protesters and Riot police. Protesters suppressed with tear gas, stun grenades, smoke grenades. According to official figures, suffered 39 of the security forces and civilians. more than 50 human rights activists reported one dead party protests.

According to the CEC, Lukashenko won 80,23% of the votes. His main rival Svetlana Tikhanovski — 9.9 percent. She said it would not recognize the results.

Alexander Rahr is the author of several books about the Russian President. In 2000 in Germany he published his work, “Vladimir Putin. “German” in the Kremlin, and in 2018 — “2054: code Putin.” The journalist also engaged in editing and preparing biographies of figures of the Soviet elite. In his opinion, Putin’s biography is “a completely different sample career.”

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