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Orban flew to China to negotiate peace in Ukraine: the media revealed some details of the meeting

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Орбан прилетел в Китай договариваться о мире в Украине: СМИ раскрыли некоторые детали встречи

The voyage of the Hungarian Prime Minister continues.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping repeated his call for a ceasefire in Ukraine during a meeting with the Prime Minister -Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

This is reported by Bloomberg.

Journalists write that Xi Jinping's comments are unlikely to help end the fighting. Beijing has tried to portray itself as largely neutral after the Russian attack, but it has developed a deep friendship with Moscow in what Xi and Vladimir Putin call a “friendship without borders.”

Underscoring their closeness, Xi and Putin have met more than 40 times since the Chinese leader came to power in 2012. During a meeting in Beijing in May, they agreed to strengthen coordination, particularly among their militaries, against what they called Washington's “destructive and hostile policies.”

In early 2023, China presented a vague 12-point peace plan that was largely ignored. Its main drawback is that it does not explain how the issue of territory captured by Russia will be resolved.

Remember, this is Orban’s third stop as part of his “peacekeeping mission.”

On July 2, he arrived in Kyiv, where he held negotiations with Zelensky. This was his first visit to Ukraine since the beginning of a full-scale war. During the meeting, Orban, although he called the war an invasion of Russia, asked Zelensky for a ceasefire.

Already on July 5, Orban arrived in Moscow, where he met with Putin in the Kremlin. They discussed the war in Ukraine.

Orban himself called his trip a “peace mission.” However, he did not stop at his visit to Moscow and went to the summit, where the observer was the unrecognized Northern Cyprus, for which he was criticized in the EU.

The EU denies Orban’s visits. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that Orbán has not received a single mandate from the EU Council, and his visits take place exclusively within the framework of bilateral relations between Hungary and Russia.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel you can watch the video at this link: Orban with Putin: the USA and the EU are not happy with such visits!

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