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NATO summit in Washington: Stoltenberg told what Ukraine can count on

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Саммит НАТО в Вашингтоне: Столтенберг рассказал, на что может рассчитывать Украина

The July NATO summit should create for Ukraine a "bridge to membership in the Alliance" and a very strong package of support.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, at a press conference in Brussels on Friday, July 5, said that support Ukraine will be the most important issue at the July summit of the North Atlantic Alliance, which will take place in Washington.

Ukrinform writes about this.

“The most urgent task during the summit is to support Ukraine. Ukraine must win, and it needs our continued help. So I expect that during the summit next week, heads of state and government will agree on a meaningful package for Ukraine “, Stoltenberg said.

The NATO Secretary General explained that, first of all, we are talking about the Alliance’s security and training program. In particular, NATO will ensure the coordination and delivery of international security assistance to Ukraine.

For this purpose, a separate NATO command with a staff of about 700 employees will be created in Germany, as well as new logistics hubs in the countries of the eastern flank of the Alliance.

Stoltenberg emphasized that these steps do not involve NATO’s direct participation in the war, but will strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend itself.

The second important issue that will discussed at the NATO summit, there will be long-term financial obligations of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“I expect Allies to renew their resolve to support Ukraine in developing a force capable of overcoming Russian aggression today and deterring it in the future. Since the start of the Russian full-scale invasion, the Allies have provided approximately €40 billion in military assistance annually. The Allies agreed that this was the minimum limit. Therefore, I I expect that during the summit it will be decided to maintain this level over the next year,” noted the NATO Secretary General.

Stoltenberg explained that the Alliance member countries will determine the distribution of the financial burden in accordance with the size of the GDP of each state. Such a mechanism should ensure that Ukraine receives enough support to defeat the Russian aggressor.

“The third component is more immediate military support for Ukraine. I expect the allies to provide more air defense systems, more ammunition and other capabilities. Fourth, concluding more bilateral security agreements with Ukraine. Many have already been concluded, I expect there will be more during the summit,” the NATO Secretary General said. The fifth task of the July NATO summit is to improve the interoperability of NATO forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, promote the development of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine and expand cooperation in the field of the latest military technologies. All these steps should not only strengthen Ukraine’s defense capability, but also prepare it for joining NATO.

“All this creates for Ukraine a bridge to membership in the Alliance and a very powerful package of support. Therefore, Ukraine is moving closer to NATO,” Jens Stoltenberg emphasized.

Recall that Stoltenberg hopes that Ukraine will join NATO within the next ten years. But now Ukraine needs support to quickly end the war against the Russian Federation.

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