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NATO plans to create up to 50 new brigades to defend against a possible Russian attack

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НАТО планирует создать до 50 новых бригад, чтобы защититься от возможного нападения РФ

~6 0~p>One brigade consists of 3000-7000 troops.

NATO will need 35 to 50 additional brigades to fully realize its new plans to protect against attack from Russia.

About this with reference to a source, writes Reuters.

As noted, the brigade consists of 3000-7000 troops, so creating another 35-50 such units would be a serious challenge.

In another sign of the scale of the challenge for NATO, which is repositioning itself to take the threat of Russian attack more seriously after the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, the source said Germany alone will have to quadruple its air defense capabilities.

At a summit in Vilnius last year, NATO leaders agreed on the Alliance's first major defense plans in more than thirty years, and officials have been working ever since to translate the documents into concrete military requirements.

NATO leaders are expected to receive an update on plans in Washington this week at a summit to mark the 75th anniversary of the transatlantic security alliance.

Requested for comment, a NATO spokesman said the Alliance's military planners had identified “the detailed requirements for troops and weapons needed to defend the Alliance.”

“Air and missile defense, long-range weapons, logistics, and large ground maneuver formations are among our top priorities,” the official added.

In addition, the source stressed that NATO will likely set more demanding capability goals for allies as they develop forces that can implement plans and counter the threats they face.

The Ministry of Defense in Berlin declined to comment on NATO's future plans because they are classified. It said that all allies had been called upon to coordinate capability requirements with NATO and that the effort would stretch into the next year.

Recall that NATO will provide Ukraine with an additional package, which will include vital assistance.

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