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Named the hottest smartphones

by alex

Названы самые «горячие» смартфоны

The most prone to overheating smartphones was named as the vehicles of the brand Realme. It is reported by the Chinese publication MyDrivers, with reference to a benchmark Master Lu.

The study was tested smartphones Asian brands. It turned out that the “cool” smartphones are the phone company Vivo. The average temperature of the housing and the device components of the brand is 30.56 degrees. On the second and third positions were the gadgets Samsung and Oppo, the average temperature is during operation amounts to 31.08 and of 31.15 degrees, respectively.

The “hot” phones were devices Realme, the average temperature was about 33,18 degrees. In the overall ranking, the highest temperature was recorded at the Nokia 9 PureView, the body of which is heated to 43.05 degrees.

Also, the benchmark composite rating of all participating in the tests smartphones. The lowest temperature is kept Vivo U3x, the body of which in time of active operation is heated only to 27.96 degrees. At the top of the list are less prone to overheating of the devices were Samsung Galaxy M30s, Xiaomi Redmi Redmi 8 and 8A, Y3 vivo.

Informed expert Dmitry Ryabinin said that the high temperature of the smartphone — especially heat — can cause breakage and fire the device. Specialist said that the phones are protected against overheating, however, the device may heat up due to external factors. At the same time to resort to drastic measures cooling, like space gadget in the fridge, not the Ryabinin advised to give the smartphone to cool smoothly and without temperature fluctuations.

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