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Named mortal danger rice

by alex

Названа смертельная опасность риса

British scientists have linked the consumption of rice with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The corresponding study was published in the journal Science of the Total Environment.

Rice can accumulate toxins and arsenic, which can then get into the human body. Arsenic called dangerous for the heart and blood vessels and, according to experts, prolonged consumption of this element even in small doses, is associated with thousands of premature deaths every year. The study was prepared by scientists of the Manchester and Salford universities (UK).

It turned out that 25 percent of rice consumers in England and Wales with health problems face a higher risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. “Simulated increased risk to health from consumption of rice is about six percent,” said Professor David Field (David Polya).

To reduce the risk of disease, experts have advised fans of rice dishes to diversify the diet by other cereals. The scientists also recommended to limit the consumption of popular product or to choose different kinds of rice such as basmati or polished rice. According to experts, more than three billion people in the world consume rice as a staple food.

Earlier, Russian doctors, nutritionists recommended the citizens to refrain from popular ready for Breakfast cereals, white bread, industrial juices and soda. These products, according to experts, contain processed carbohydrates. Doctors advised to replace unwholesome foods buckwheat, brown rice or bulgur.

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