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More than 100 people were injured due to unrest in Beirut

by alex

Более 100 человек пострадали из-за беспорядков в Бейруте

More than 100 people were injured during the riots in the Lebanese city of Beirut. This was reported in the Twitter account of the red cross.

In the organization said that 28 of the victims were taken to hospital, 102 assisting the wounded on the spot.

According to RIA Novosti, the protesters broke into the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lebanon, located in the district of Ashrafieh, and raised posters with the words “Beirut — demilitarized city” and “Capital of the revolution”.

Thousands of people came to the rally demanding the government to resign. Who organizers, activists believe that the government is responsible for the economic and political problems in Lebanon, as for the explosion, which injured more than four thousand people.

A powerful explosion occurred near the port of Beirut on the evening of 4 August. The damage done to the many quarters of the city, the blast was piqued and the Russian Embassy. According to recent reports, at least 300 thousand people lost their homes. Killed more than 150 people.

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