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Microsoft explained the need for its own browser

by alex

Microsoft explained the need for its own browser

Microsoft programmers explained why some Windows applications cannot be removed. This is reported by the Windows Latest edition with reference to the company's materials.

Technical support specialists said that the problem of non-removable programs is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Embedded applications are part of the Windows ecosystem and interact with each other, so uninstalling some components can compromise the integrity of the ecosystem. In particular, the programmers noticed that the non-removable Edge browser and the My Phone program (in the Russian version “Your Phone”) are deeply integrated into Windows.

“Because Windows supports web-based applications, our own browser is a required component of the OS and cannot be removed,” Microsoft said in a statement. For example, the Edge browser is used to open links in installed apps.

According to journalists, not all applications built into Windows are immune. In particular, relatively recently, users have been able to remove the Paint graphics editor and the Notepad text editor.

At the end of August, Microsoft announced the end of support for Internet Explorer 11. The program for Internet navigation will be deprecated in August 2021. The company said that the browser does not meet modern needs, and it also has an alternative in the form of Microsoft Edge.

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