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Iran is accused of underreporting the number of deaths from the coronavirus almost three times

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Иран уличили в занижении числа умерших от коронавируса почти в три раза

The number of deaths from a new type of coronavirus in Iran is almost three times more than stated by the government. That is the conclusion following its investigation, the reporters came “the Persian service bi-Bi-si”.

According to the official Iranian authorities, to the 20th of July from the coronavirus in the country died 14 405 people were infected and 280 thousand. However, obtained by journalists from anonymous sources and documents indicate that the number of victims COVID-19 in the country almost three times higher — about 42 thousand, and the number of infected people exceeds the official figures more than doubled.

In the materials stated that the first death from coronavirus infection in Iran was recorded on January 22 — almost a month before the time when the country had identified its first case of the disease. In addition, the results of the investigation indicate that by mid-March in the country from the coronavirus has died five times more people than authorities have acknowledged. The government has introduced strict quarantine, the number of deaths began to decrease, and the difference between the official and actual statistics — smoothed. Currently, the number of new cases of infections and deaths is increasing, the Iranian authorities announced more than two thousand of cases identified and more than 200 deaths in recent days.

Earlier it was reported that every seven minutes in Iran kills one patient with the disease COVID-19 caused by a coronavirus, a new type. The authorities believe that the reason for high rates is that the population does not observe precautions.

According to the project of the Johns Hopkins University, on the morning of 3 August, the total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world was 18 019 472, for the entire period of the pandemic died 369 688 infected,more than 10.6 million people have recovered. Among the most affected by the coronavirus countries Iran ranks tenth.

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