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In the United States talked about the historical changes in the world nuclear balance

by alex

В США рассказали об исторических изменениях в мировом ядерном балансе

United States in the next ten years for the first time will receive two rivals in Russia and China possessing nuclear capabilities. It is reported TASS with reference to the head of Strategic command (STRATCOM) us forces Admiral Charles Richard.

According to Richard, China is close to developing the nuclear triad and to the end of the decade, will become a strategic competitor of the United States on equal terms. Thus, the United States will have to compete simultaneously with China and Russia.

The Admiral also noted that China already surpasses the United States in the speed of expansion of the total military capabilities, developing new management systems and increasing combat readiness. Moscow in the past 15 years has conducted modernization of military control systems, and works to improve the effectiveness of the exercise, and her 70 percent fail to achieve their goals.

Previously, Richard said that the creation of the United States ballistic missile defense system (ABM) that allows you to defend against Russian missiles is technically infeasible and would threaten stability. This statement he made in response to the question presented at the hearings in the Subcommittee of the Committee on armed services of the house of representatives of Congress, about whether the US missile defense system to defend itself “from attacks of Intercontinental ballistic missiles from Russia”.

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