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In the United States compare China and the Soviet Union in space

by alex

В США сравнили Китай и СССР в космосе

The United States is entering the space race with China, which is not similar to what it was during the cold war with the Soviet Union. The relevant comparison of the head of the American company United Launch Alliance (ULA) Tory Bruno leads The Hill.

The American edition notes that at present, the competition in space between Washington and Beijing takes place far above the earth’s atmosphere.

“It’s also in the prestige, because we [the United States]… be a kind of returning to one of those environments where there is competition between the great powers,” said the Manager, commenting on the launch of the first Chinese mission to Mars, which occurred in July.

Speaking about the Chinese space arms, Bruno noted that we are talking about a “permanent campaign with a huge investment in it.”

In July, an American expert in the field of Astronautics mark Whittington stated that a possible failure of Roskosmos cooperation with NASA on the moon program Artemis in favor of cooperation with China is “a crazy” step that will help the United States to increase collaborative efforts with partners in this area, but to save the project.

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