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In the Arctic recorded the rapid onset of climate catastrophe

by alex

В Арктике зафиксировали быстрое наступление климатической катастрофы

Sea ice in the Arctic is melting faster than previously thought. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, article which was published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Modern climate models do not account for the almost instantaneous temperature rise that was observed in the last 40 years. According to new data, the Arctic ocean between Canada, Europe and Russia heats up faster than predicted researchers. In 40 years the average temperature increased one degree every decade, and in the Barents sea and around Svalbard — 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Climate scientists compared changes in the Arctic recorded relatively recently, with the climate fluctuations during the last ice age, which occurred 120 million years ago and ended 11 million years ago. It turned out that the sharp temperature rise, which is now observed in the region took place only during the glaciation. Then the air over the ice sheet was heated several times at 10-12 degrees for periods of time of 40-100 years.

Until now, climate models predicted that temperatures in the Arctic will rise slowly and steadily. However, it was found that only the worst-case scenario, taking into account the high rate of carbon dioxide emissions, close to reality. According to the findings of scientists, very soon the sea ice in the Arctic ocean could disappear entirely.

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