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In South Korea, was arrested for causing the infection of thousands of sects of the cult leader

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В Южной Корее арестовали допустившего заражение тысяч сектантов лидера культа

South Korea has arrested the leader of a Christian sect Sinchonri Lee man Hee because of a major outbreak of the coronavirus. About it reports BBC News.

According to investigators, the sect has infected more than five thousand people, representing more than a third of all cases COVID-19 in the country. Authorities accuse him of concealing information about the number of people infected with coronavirus and holding mass meetings in secret from the employees, tracking patient contacts. It is expected that members of the sect were infected in February, and then illegally moved across the country into a period of quarantine.

The judge added that in fact there are signs of destruction of evidence in the matter of Lee man Hee. In addition, he is suspected of embezzling 4.7 million dollars. In my defense, 88-year-old sect leader stated that he worried about the privacy of parishioners, however, never interfered with the investigation.

Lee man Hee founded the religious cult in 1984. Translated from Korean Sinchonri means “new heaven and earth”. Currently in South Korea, there are 230 thousand members of the sect and more than 20 thousand outside the country, mainly in China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

According to the latest data, South Korea was 14 336 cases of infection COVID-19. The country is considered one of the most successful in combating the virus, thanks to stringent measures and early response. The total number of infected in the world has exceeded 18 million people.

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