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In India spoke about the open Russia detection technology F-35

by alex

В Индии рассказали об открытой Россией технологии обнаружения F-35

In the publication describes the recently opened Russian Radio engineering Institute named after academician mints technology to detect stealth fighters, the U.S. F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, involving the use of their “radar shadows.”

As stated in the article Indian portal, stealth aircraft means the airframe to a special geometry that reflect radio signals away from enemy radar, or (and) use it radar absorbing coatings.

“The sky is scanned to find the area where can be found the radar signals. This means that the fighter is either reflected or cover it swallowed them”, — says the publication. It is also noted that the definition of the position and speed of the stealth planes is performed by searching its “radar shadow”.

As noted in the July message Radiotechnical Institute named after academician mints, presented a method of detecting stealth aircraft involves “analysis of radar shadow by the method of synthetic aperture moving objects arising at the stage of mapping of the terrain”.

In the same month, former Deputy commander of the air defense forces Land forces of the USSR the General-Lieutenant Alexander Luzan admitted that the purpose of software testing Turkey With-400 “Triumph” is the search for the “weaknesses” of the system. The doctor said that from the s-400 “Triumph” it is technically impossible to extract technology.

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