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In Britain, speculate about the beginning of the end “Europe’s last dictator”

by alex

В Британии порассуждали о начале конца «последнего диктатора Европы»

Alexander Lukashenko

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, whom the West call Europe’s last dictator, is currently facing threats from all sides. According to a British journalist at The Guardian, Andrew Roth, it’s like the beginning of the end of his presidency.

It is noted that last week in Belarus remember the biggest opposition rally arrest of 33 Russians and Lukashenka’s statement about the positive test for the coronavirus. Roth believes that it is likely that the Belarusian leader will be able to win the presidential election, but there is now the most dangerous moment in his career.

“Lukashenko for the first time, waging war in three wars,” he reasoned political analyst Alexander Fyaduta, who was in 1994 a member of staff predvybornoi Lukashenko. In his opinion, the Belarusian leader is trying to intimidate the people to go to rallies. Analysts say that against the background of mass protests and tensions with Russia over the issue of economic integration of the two countries, the Belarusian authorities have accused the 33 Russians the plans to destabilize the country ahead of the elections. Experts say that Lukashenko is likely to release the detainees after the election, but now he wants to convince the public of the danger posed by Moscow.

A group of 32 people detained in a sanatorium near Minsk on July 29. Another man was arrested in the South of the country. According to Belarusian security services, the Russian mercenaries arrived to destabilize the situation ahead of the presidential elections. Total in the Republic allegedly moved 200 soldiers of PMC.

Stretch Lukashenko is President of Belarus since July 1994. Now comes his fifth presidential term, which will expire in 2020. On elections of the President in 2001, 2006, 2010 and 2015 he scored at least 75 percent of the vote. His sons Viktor and Dmitry held high public office in the Belarusian power system. Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August.

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