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Identified six different forms of coronavirus

by alex

Выявлены шесть различных форм коронавируса

There are six forms of the coronavirus, which differ in symptoms and severity of the disease. It is reported by Sky News, citing the study, researchers from king’s College London.

According to experts, detection of coronavirus forms will be a breakthrough in the treatment of the virus and will help to identify risks of development of serious complications in patients.

The first two forms, scientists have described as “flu-like”. They are characterized by cough, headaches and loss of smell. The third form they called “gastrointestinal”, patients with this disease suffer from diarrhoea and loss of appetite. The fourth group experts have identified patients with symptoms such as fatigue, chest pain and hoarseness.

The most dangerous to human health, scientists believe a fifth and a sixth form of the coronavirus. They are characterized by mental confusion, muscle pain, breathing problems and other symptoms. According to experts, more than half of patients with the sixth type of the disease require hospitalization. While with the first type of virus only 16 percent of people who come to the hospital.

Previously, scientists appreciated the chance to be infected with the coronavirus after a mosquito bite. Experts have told that COVID-19 “can not replicate in mosquitoes”. In this regard, the transfer of a coronavirus from a man they are impossible, even if a mosquito bites a carrier of the infection.

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