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Germany spoke about the skeptical attitude towards the Russian vaccine coronavirus

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Германия рассказала о скептичном отношении к российской вакцине от коронавируса

Jens Span

The Minister of health of Germany Jens span spoke about his skeptical attitude towards the Russian vaccine coronavirus. It quoted Reuters.

He believes that the main problem in the Russian vaccine is the lack of information about her. Thus, the German politician called the actions of Russian authorities in the field of drug development are not transparent enough.

According to the Punks, it is important that the drug was “safe and not the first released.” He stressed that even during a pandemic, you should carefully check the vaccine before sending it to production.

However, some countries, including USA, UK, European Union and Japan, have reserved the 1.3 billion doses of vaccines against coronavirus. This is done despite the fact that the current formula has not even been created. Analysts have expressed concern that doses are not enough for 7.8 billion, and other, less rich countries will be “last in line” to receiving the vaccine.

On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the first vaccine against a coronavirus, saying that Russia was the first country that registered the drug. The President stressed that the vaccine has passed all necessary checks. Minister of health Michael Murashko said that the drug has shown safety and high efficiency.

Pharmaceutical companies were urged to postpone the registration of the vaccine, as the quality of the product is unknown. The health Ministry said that the reason to postpone the registration is not, as studies of the vaccine conducted in compliance with international standards.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world by the morning of 12 August exceeded 20.2 million people. The pandemic has covered 188 countries. In Russia in recent days revealed 4945 patients.

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