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Germany responded to US threats about “Nord stream-2”

by alex

Германия ответила на угрозы США по поводу «Северного потока-2»

A letter to American politicians by threats of sanctions against the German port because of the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” — is completely inappropriate manifestation. So answer Minister of state in the German foreign office Niels Annen, reports Handelsblatt.

“The politics of extraterritorial U.S. sanctions against a close partner and ally — a serious encroachment on our national sovereignty,” said Annen. He reiterated not once heard from the German side the phrase stressed that “the German and European energy policy is determined exclusively in Berlin and Brussels, not in Washington.”

Earlier it became known that the American senators Ted Cruz, Tom cotton and Ron Johnson sent a formal warning to the operator of the German port of Mukran, Sassnitz Faehrhafen company, urging it to stop supporting the project “Northern stream-2”. They threatened that if she will continue to participate in the project, the company will be a financial destruction.

The first sanctions against “Northern stream-2” the United States has introduced at the end of 2019. Limitations intended for companies that sold, rented or leased provided the court for laying pipes. In order not to fall under sanctions, Russia has refused to cooperate with the Swiss company Allseas, a pipelayer providing for construction. In July 2020, the house of representatives of US Congress approved the extension of sanctions. Now they will apply to companies that insure vessels for pipe-laying, if the restrictions would approve the Senate and the American President.

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