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Germany refused to disclose confirmed “Novichok” at Navalny laboratory

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Germany refused to disclose confirmed

Germany refused to disclose which specific laboratories in France and Sweden confirmed the presence of a toxic substance from the Novichok group in the analyzes of Alexei Navalny. This statement was made by the official representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany, Steffen Seibert, quoted by RIA Novosti.

“I cannot give here any information that goes beyond the scope of the statement we made. These are special laboratories, ”the politician noted. So he answered the question of where the re-analysis of the Russian samples was carried out: in private, military or medical laboratories.

Earlier, Seibert spoke about the independent laboratories of France and Sweden that confirmed the presence of Novichok in the analyzes of Navalny. He called on Russia “to provide explanations about these events.”

Navalny became ill on August 20 during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow. In the first two days, doctors from the Omsk hospital helped him. They also introduced him to an artificial coma. On August 22, the patient was sent to a clinic in Berlin.

On September 2, the German government announced that military toxicologists had found traces of a substance from the Novichok group in Navalny's body and called on the Russian government to respond to this information. Russian doctors say that no poisons were found in the patient's analyzes. On September 10, it became known that Navalny had completely recovered.

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