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Found a way to safely fly to Mars

by alex

Found a way to safely fly to Mars

Researchers at Jackson's Genomic Medicine Laboratory in Connecticut (USA) have found one way to keep astronauts safe during long space travel, such as a flight to Mars. It is about preventing muscle loss under zero gravity conditions. This was announced in a press release posted on

As part of the experiment, scientists sent 40 young female mice aboard the ISS. Eight rodents were genetically modified and had doubled muscle mass. 24 ordinary mice in zero gravity have lost a significant part of muscle and bone mass – up to 18 percent. However, the modified animals retained their mass, which was the same as that of the group of modified mice remaining on Earth.

In addition, eight other normal mice, which were given special drugs, also stopped losing weight. These compounds blocked proteins that limit muscle growth.

All mice returned safely to Earth in a SpaceX capsule that splashed down in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. Some common mice were also injected with the drug after returning, and the animals quickly gained muscle, the scientists said.

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