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Found a new method of treatment of coronavirus

by alex

Найден новый способ лечения коронавируса

An international group of scientists under the leadership of the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology found a new way to treat various infections, including COVID-19 caused by a coronavirus. Article researchers published in the journal Nature Communications.

Experts have demonstrated that the Plasmodium parasites causing malaria are largely dependent on the activity of the enzymes protein kinases in red blood cells. Also they found that the drugs developed to combat cancer and inactivating these enzymes, very effective in destroying the parasites. This will reduce the cost of therapy and to accelerate the introduction of new drugs active against malaria and other viral (СOVID-19 and hepatitis) and bacterial infections, including those resistant to antibiotics.

According to scientists, drugs that target molecules of the body of the host and not the pathogen, prevent rapid development of resistance of the causative agent of the disease due to mutation of the target molecule of the drug.

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