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For what purpose did Orban go to Putin: an unexpected explanation from a political scientist

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С какой целью Орбан поехал к Путину: неожиданное объяснение политолога

With his position, the Prime Minister of Hungary adapts to a greater extent to the US presidential candidate Donald Trump than to the owner of the Kremlin.

Prime Minister – Hungarian Minister Viktor Orban, at the beginning of his country’s presidency of the EU Council, made alternate visits to Kyiv and Moscow to declare his role as a “peacemaker.” Moreover, such a “game” of his is not at all in Putin’s interests.

This opinion was expressed by political scientist Vladimir Fesenko in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine

“The initiatives put forward by Orban do not substantially correspond to Putin’s position. After all, the Russian dictator does not want a freeze of the war, but the capitulation of Ukraine with its “demilitarization.” Orban does not put forward any such demands. What Orban puts forward is an attempt to act as a mediator, such “a peacemaker.” It doesn’t matter whether the result is or not, the main thing is to demonstrate this role and that “we need to seek dialogue with Moscow,” he believes.

The political scientist noted that with his position Orban is more aligned with US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Orban’s “peace initiatives” are definitely a game under Trump. Because it is the position of his team that is to “freeze” the war in Ukraine,” noted Vladimir Fesenko.

According to him, with his visit to Moscow, Orban demonstrates that he wants to maintain a special relationship with Moscow and wants to negotiate with it, in particular, “reconciliation” or ending the war in Ukraine.

At the same time, the political scientist noted that the Prime Minister of Hungary, despite his country’s chairmanship, does not have the authority to make individual decisions on behalf of the EU, and his initiatives such as a meeting with Putin, if they are not agreed upon with other countries The European Union only increases distrust of the Hungarian politician.

“This is his personal initiative. He cannot sign any agreements or documents on behalf of the EU. On his own behalf – yes. He can initiate some things. For example, convening a conference or raising an issue for consideration at meetings Council of the EU. He can do this as the head of the presiding country, but no more. So in this sense, his powers are limited,” Fesenko emphasized.


In the end, the political scientist concludes, as expected, Hungary’s presidency of the EU Council will be scandalous.

Recall that on July 2, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban arrived in Kyiv on an unannounced visit.

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