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Estimated chances of a new German guns to destroy the “Armata”

by alex

Оценены шансы новой немецкой пушки уничтожить «Армату»

Tank T-14 “Armata”

Ukrainian journalists from Defence Express clearly overestimated the possibilities of a new gun of German production, which they dubbed the “killer” of the Russian tank T-14 “Armata”. This opinion was expressed by a military expert, Director of the Bureau for political-military analysis Alexander Mikhailov in an interview with “Izvestiya”.

According to experts, those who want to attack the “Armata”, first of all have to get close to her, which is not so easy to do, given that the Russian fighting machine is armed with the latest 125-millimeter cannon: it is capable of firing different types of projectiles to a distance of 12 kilometers. In addition, the potential enemy will be difficult to find a Russian tank due to its silhouette and special finish which reduces the visibility of “Almaty was” in thermal and radar spectrums.

Mikhailov also noted that “Armata” is best known passive and active protection. “Composite armor capable of withstanding the ingress of any existing to date, foreign anti-tank munition. “Armata” is equipped with a complex of active protection “Afghani”, which automatically detects flying to the tank shells and missiles and destroys them shoot ammunition, as well as dynamic protection “Malakhit”, is resistant to any anti-tank ammunition 100-150 millimeters,” he explained.

Thus, said the expert, conclusions of Ukrainian journalists have little in common with reality.

Earlier in August, the German company Rheinmetall has published a video in which, apparently, captured the British battle tank Challenger 2, has received new armor and gun. The Defence Express edition stated that shows the weapon has a high armor penetration, making supposedly able to destroy Russian tanks T-14 “Armata” heavy infantry fighting vehicles T-15 “Armata”, as well as T-72 and T-90.

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