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Discovered the earliest symptom coronavirus

by alex

Обнаружен самый ранний симптом коронавируса

The earliest symptom of coronavirus can be rash in the mouth — ananthema. To such conclusion Spanish scientists, said in a publication in the scientific journal JAMA Dermatology.

According to the study, severe rash on the oral mucosa is found in 29 percent of observed patients. This symptom appeared about two days before other clinical signs COVID-19.

Currently, scientists can’t say how widespread symptom among all patients. This is largely complicated by the safety regulations, which creates complexity when inspecting the oral cavity of patients.

The study involved 21 patients aged 40 to 69 years.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of health warned that the first possible symptom of infection by the coronavirus can be skin lesions. Observed in infected dermatoses, and skin rash in the office were divided into seven groups: angiitis; papules-squamous rash and pityriasis versicolor; drug reaction; urticaria; infectious erythema and morbilliform rash; papules, vesicular lesions on the type of miliaria and eccrine of the sweat; artificial lesions (trophic changes of tissues).

According to 17 of July, there are more than 13.8 million infected with the coronavirus, including more than 592 thousand people died, another 7.7 million recovered. Most infected are in the US, Brazil, India, Russia and Peru.

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