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Disclosed the reason for the mass extinction of animals

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Раскрыта причина массового вымирания животных

A dead elephant in the Park, Botswana

Hundreds of deaths in Northern Botswana elephants probably died of natural toxins. It is reported by Agence France Press (AFP), with reference to the local animal welfare activists.

Preliminary tests conducted by scientists of different countries, showed that the cause of the mass extinction of animals began natural toxins. Head of the Department of wildlife and parks of Botswana taolo of Cyril (Cyril Taolo) said that the final conclusion is still pending, but there is a scientific justification that some bacteria can naturally produce toxins while in the stagnant water.

Previously, experts believed that the cause of death of elephants could be the actions of poachers or anthrax. However, these versions were deleted. Suspected poisoning of animals by cyanide, which is often used by local hunters, were removed for the reason that the bodies of the dead wildlife left untouched. According to the disclosed information tests, the version of the poisoning anthrax is also rejected.

Раскрыта причина массового вымирания животных

Dead elephants in the Park, Botswana

According to AFP, Botswana has the largest elephant population in the world, the number of animals is about 130 thousand. According to the government, due to the recent environmental disaster killed 281 elephant, independent experts believe that the number of dead animals exceeded 350 units.

Earlier, the experts stated that they consider the most likely cause of death thick-skinned animals unknown pathogen. Information about the death of hundreds of elephants in Northern Botswana have appeared in the beginning of July. About 70 percent of the deaths were concentrated around water holes.

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