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Disclosed the number of victims of lies about the coronavirus

by alex

Раскрыто число жертв лжи о коронавирусе

An international group of scientists revealed the approximate number of victims associated with coronavirus pandemic of infogenie — excess of information that consists of false information, rumors and conspiracy theories. According to researchers, misconceptions have become the indirect cause of death, at least, about a thousand people. This was reported in an article published in The American journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Experts analyzed social networks and online news publications to track the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 online platforms. In total have been identified 2.3 thousand messages in 25 languages from 87 countries. Although some of them were intended to combat the coronavirus, none of the messages were not useful, and most of the information carried in itself the potential harm. Thus, for example, is the myth that drinking highly concentrated alcohol will help disinfect the body and kill the coronavirus.

Researchers have found evidence that Iran was the result of the use of methanol as a cure COVID-19 have died, about 800 people, 5876 was in the hospital, and 60 completely blind. For the same reason in Turkey died 30 people, while Qatar has recorded two deaths because of alcohol disinfectant for hands. In India, about a dozen people, including five children, were killed, using the alcohol prepared from the poisonous seeds of Datura. They watched a video in social networks where it was said that this method will help to boost immunity against coronavirus.

Among other deadly myths scientists call benefit from the use of bleach and cow urine with dung, receiving the silver solution and spraying chlorine agents throughout the body.

The scientists also noted less dangerous misconceptions about the alleged treatment, which, on the contrary, can contribute to the spread of the pathogen. South Korea recorded a massive infection with coronavirus in the parish Church, where disinfection was used bottle with the salt water that splashed in my mouth visitors. In addition, the network spread rumors that the coronavirus is the type of rabies COVID-19 distributed via phone, the virus is artificially created biological weapons, or used to control population, the need for pandemic vaccine sales, the coronavirus was created with the support of bill gates, Donald trump, CIA, China and so on.

The researchers note that they are not determined by the number of people who believe any rumor or conspiracy theory, but misinformation is distributed freely, and this is a problem that must be addressed. As the scientists write, rumors and conspiracy theories can have potentially serious consequences both for the individual and for the community, if they will have precedence over facts.

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