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Defeat of the newest Russian Su-57: satellite photos of the fighter appeared

by alex

Поражение новейшего российского Су-57: появились спутниковые фото истребителя

Su-57 is the most modern fighter in Moscow.

Maxar showed a damaged Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 at the airfield “Akhtubinsk” in the Astrakhan region. In addition to this ship, there were two more aircraft of a similar type at the airfield.

The picture was published by the American publication The Warzone.

The photo shows traces of an attack on the latest Russian Su-57 fighter, the cost of which is estimated from 35 to 54 million dollars.

“As in the photo of the power steering, it shows burnt marks and a small crater to the left of the cockpit of the medium aircraft. As we noted yesterday, the explosion and especially the shrapnel from such a close explosion would most likely have made holes in the aircraft and would cause other damage,” the message says.

Journalist Howard Altman notes that broader before and after images offer much more context and opportunity for comparative analysis.

Su-57 is Moscow’s most modern fighter, capable of using Kh-59 and Kh-69 missiles for strikes. The Russian Aerospace Forces have only a few combat aircraft in service.

As reported, according to GUR representative Andrei Yusov, the Ukrainian Defense Forces probably managed to hit two ultra-modern Russian Su-57 aircraft. There is also information about irretrievable losses and wounded among the occupiers' personnel.

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