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Danger of SMS messages from unknown numbers revealed

by alex

Danger of SMS messages from unknown numbers revealed

Alesya Borovikova, a specialist in the press service of Roskachestvo, spoke about the danger that SMS messages from unfamiliar numbers can pose. It is reported by the Prime agency.

According to her, before opening SMS, you should always check the sender's name, which is displayed in the push window. Borovikova explained that there is no need to read messages from strangers or from numbers where a general name like “Info” is indicated in the “sender” line. She also advises never to follow the link from the SMS about the allegedly not received MMS.

The expert emphasized that impersonal, emotionally charged messages or messages about promotions and winnings are typical signs of fraud. She added that the viruses contained in such SMS can steal personal information and even leave the user without funds on the card.

Earlier, Elena Ageeva, senior consultant at the Information Security Center of Jet Infosystems, said that the first sign of an attack on a smartphone is a deviation of the device from normal operation. According to her, the owner of the gadget should be alerted if he began to turn on and off on his own, or if new applications suddenly appeared on him.

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