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Came iPhone for hackers

by alex

Вышел iPhone для хакеров

Apple hackers will distribute a special version of the smartphone. This publication reports Wired.

The company announced the Apple Device Security Research Program, within which will look for vulnerabilities together with experts in cyber security. Entered into with Corporation the agreement will receive a special iPhone version, featuring simplified access to the system. Using devices the hackers will be able to simulate different scenarios of breaking the device and to develop methods of protection apparatus.

Emerged specifically for finding vulnerabilities iOS gadgets don’t have software restrictions and allow an experienced user to fulfill almost any request. “This is a big win for users and Apple itself,” said researcher Patrick Wardle (Patrick Wardle).

Under the agreement, iPhone released to the experts for a period of one year. If desired, this contract can be renewed. Collaborating with the Apple hacker will be obliged to transfer to the company record of observations. To use a test device as a normal phone, to sell it or to transfer the information to third parties is prohibited. To apply for a special iPhone anyone can specialist.

The journalists said that relations between Apple and experts in the cybersecurity industry has historically been complex. This is attributed to the fact that the American company was reluctant to share information about iOS, because of what the hackers had to hack own smart phones or set them on jailbreak.

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