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Called uplifting products

by alex

Названы поднимающие настроение продукты

Neuroscientist Irina Khvingia called in an interview with radio Sputnik products, which raise the mood.

For a person’s mood meet the brain and endocrine system, to improve the attitude we need to encourage one of these two parts of the body. According to him, it is believed that chocolate and bananas effectively raise the spirits. However, there are other products with the same properties.

So, the fatty fish contribute to the improvement of the General tonus and increase of concentration due to the iodine content. Also useful seaweed because it has a full range of vitamins, which are responsible for the adrenal glands. They affect the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine, which set the tone and maintain performance.

The expert also drew attention to the benefits of nuts. “The good are walnuts and pistachio” she said, adding that to enhance the mood enough to regularly eat 50 grams a day.

There are products that spoil the mood. The neuropsychologist noted that these include energy drinks. According to her, one can of this drink is equal to a dozen cups of coffee on the content of taurine. “This concentration of nothing good, the brain does not bring”, — said the expert.

Earlier, the head of the International society for research in the field of nutritional psychiatry Felice Jaka said that a balanced, healthy diet is able to reduce the level of anxiety and depression. In her words, foods with a high amount of fat and sugar affect mood. And the best diet for mood xhaka considered Mediterranean, noting that it is also important to avoid overeating.

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