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Called 12 times increase in the risk of death during the coronavirus disease

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Названо повышающее в 12 раз риск смерти при коронавирусе заболевание

Scientists at the University of California in San Francisco named the disease, increasing the risk of death during the coronavirus in 12 times. It is reported portal MedicalXpress.

According to a large-scale study, cases COVID-19 patients with diabetes in six times more likely to require hospitalization and 12 times more susceptible to fatal outcomes. Also, this disease contributes to more serious course of coronavirus infection. Diabetes is on the second place according to the severity of the complications of coronavirus after cardiovascular diseases.

Professor of medicine, University of California Prakash Didwania recalled that one of the most serious complications of diabetes is the immune decline immune function. In addition, the disease can lead to stroke, myocardial infarction, disruption of the innervation of the limbs, kidneys and eyesight.

Researchers advise diabetics to increase physical activity (150 minutes per week), full sleep, engage auto-training and follow your breath. According to them, people with diabetes especially important to observe all precautions when dealing with other citizens.

Previously, scientists at Oxford University in Britain found obesity, diabetes, severe asthma and other respiratory diseases, and chronic diseases of the heart, liver, neurological and autoimmune disease threat factors in coronavirus.

According to 26 July, there are more than 16.1 million infected with the coronavirus, including more than 645 thousand people died, another 9.2 million — was recovered. Most infected are in the US, Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa.

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