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British testing of vaccines against coronavirus was successful

by alex

Испытания британской вакцины против коронавируса оказались успешными

Preliminary clinical trials of a vaccine against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, developed in Britain, has shown that it is safe, has few side effects and helps to develop a durable immune response. Successful results of testing according to a press release MedicalXpress.

The study involved 1077 healthy adults aged 18 to 55 years who were not ill COVID-19. Testing was conducted from 23 April to 21 may 2020.

14 days after vaccination, volunteers were observed T-cell response, and 28 days developed antibodies. However, it is still unknown whether the vaccine requirements at all times. So, it should provide protection against COVID-19 for at least six months, including the elderly and people with chronic diseases, and reduce the likelihood of transmission of the virus through contacts.

Among the side effects experts call fatigue, headache and muscle pain, pain at the injection site, malaise, chills and fever. While the volunteers who took paracetamol side effects were weaker. Additionally, the drug did not affect the immunogenicity of the vaccine.

The vaccine is a modified chimpanzee adenovirus ChAdOx1, which produces the S-protein, present in SARS-Cov-2 and plays a key role in infecting the cells with coronavirus. Adenovirus causes the common cold, but in this case it is weakened and unable to cause human disease.

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