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Boris Johnson accused of trying to ruin Britain's reputation

by alex

Boris Johnson accused of trying to ruin Britain's reputation

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ruin the country's reputation with his attempt to carry out its exit from the European Union (Brexit) in violation of international law. This is stated by his allies in the Conservative Party and the former general lawyer of the British crown Jeffrey Cox, writes The Times.

“When Her Majesty’s minister gives a word, it must be indestructible,” the newspaper quoted Cox as saying. The lawyer believes that the law on the internal market promoted by Johnson turns out to be a rewrite of the original agreements with the European Union on Brexit.

The law was announced on September 11 and provides for the creation of a single economic space in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The vote on it will take place next week, and now the parliament is arguing about how it should be adopted.

As BBC News explains, his opponents fear that such a merger will result in economic conditions being on par with the worst of its members. Thus, the supply of chemically washed chicken carcasses from the United States, to which England agreed, will now affect the rest of the UK.

The European Union is concerned that Britain, according to the new law, will establish the rules of trade between the EU countries with Northern Ireland. In the original Brexit agreement, this was discussed differently.

The UK officially left the European Union on February 1, 2020. By the end of this year, the parties agreed on a transitional period, during which most of the laws of the European Union will continue to operate. However, in July the parties terminated regular negotiations ahead of schedule, as they could not come to an agreement on a number of issues.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called October 15 the deadline for a new free trade agreement with the European Union.

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