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Became aware of the damage a nuclear facility in North Korea

by alex

Стало известно о повреждении ядерного объекта Северной Кореи

Severe flooding in North Korea has led to flooding of the two pump stations in the nuclear center in Yongbyon. This became known to the US experts, analyzed satellite images, reports Reuters.

Due to the fact that the country experienced heavy rains, the river Kuragan began to experience severe flooding. As a result, the water reached the pumping stations that serve the nuclear reactor. In addition, the spillway dam was completely under water — it was built to cool the reactors.

Damage to pumps and pipes may lead to “strong vulnerability” and damage of nuclear facility, Reuters reports. However, the main objects of the complex, apparently, managed to save.

In early July, researchers spotted an unknown nuclear facility near Pyongyang. He was military school. It was reported that there are no underground facilities, and the tank in front of the building is used for cleaning and construction.

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