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Became aware of casualties among the foreigners, when the explosion in Beirut

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Стало известно о жертвах среди иностранцев при взрыве в Бейруте

Several foreigners were among those killed and wounded in the explosion in the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut. About it reports TASS.

So, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Philippines announced the deaths of two citizens and the wounding of six people in Lebanon. The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison announced the death of an Australian man.

Several injured workers in the territory of the Embassy in Beirut told the German foreign Ministry, but their exact number is not given. It is known that the Berlin Embassy in Lebanon is located near the port where the explosion occurred. Also suffered two employees of the Embassy of Belgium and two members of their families. Injured and senior Cypriot diplomat.

In addition, 48 were wounded UN peacekeepers, 27 of their family members and their three guests. The ship mission Interim forces in Lebanon was moored in the harbour, it was damaged.

A powerful explosion occurred near the port of Beirut on the evening of 4 August. According to the latest information, killed 78 people, more than four thousand wounded. According to seismologists, the explosion was comparable to an earthquake of magnitude 4.5. The city suffered enormous damage, it was reported the destruction of at least half of the city. Authorities announced on 5 August a day of mourning.

The explosion occurred due to storage in a warehouse in the seaport capital of 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. Explosives left on Board the ship under the flag of one of the African countries due to the large debt in 2014. The national security service of Lebanon was drawn to this fact attention five months ago.

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