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Android applications have earned on Windows

by alex

Android-приложения заработали на Windows

In Windows introduced support for native applications on smartphones. At the moment OS can work only Samsung devices, the newspaper reports Android Police.

Service Your Phone Apps (in the Russian version of “Your phone”) became available in the beta version of Windows 10 at number 20185. Using the function the user is able to connect your smartphone to your computer on Windows and run on a PC installed on the phone application. The device connects to the PC wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

In the app “Your phone” you can mount up to six programs from the device for quick launch from “start menu”. Microsoft noticed that not all apps may work on the computer, also some programs cannot be used to control the mouse and keyboard. The mobile application will open in a new window.

At the moment the new service is available only in beta and Windows only on smartphones Samsung. The representative of the company said at the presentation of the Galaxy Unpacked, which took place on 5 August. Specifically soon after launch it will only work with devices Galaxy Note20.

Microsoft promised that in the future the software will support simultaneous running of multiple applications. Service “Your phone” should be available to all users of the Windows operating system in November.

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